Every day, modern industrial companies make decisions that have an impact on the success of the entire business. A critical factor in this process is monitoring secondary costs, an activity that helps the company offer competitive products in the future. With the advent and refinement of LED technology, the role of lighting has grown more and more.


Tailored lighting solutions for industrial companies


Your employees need working conditions that enable them to see clearly. Such conditions, in turn, will enable them to concentrate on their work and avoid making errors and to safely operate machinery. At the same time, you as a business executive keep a close eye on operating costs. LEDVANCE provides you with innovative lighting solutions for nearly every place in a company and area of application. With the help of these solutions, you can increase productivity and lower costs. You too can benefit with our help simply using better light. We focus in particular on your needs, for example:


  • Which light color is best suited for which place?
  • Luminaire or light source replacement – what’s right for me?
  • Dimming or presence detection – sensible or unnecessary?
  • Light and quality of life – does light affect work results?
  • Do the products also function on emergency power?
  • Is the luminous intensity retained?
  • Is the lifespan extended?
  • Energy and replacement cost reductions – how much can I save?
  • Are the new luminaires compatible with my system?
  • Will the light change?
``Profit from the knowledge of a professional LEDVANCE lighting adviser and modernize your operation. You'll be won over by the payback periods and the quality of our products.``

Axel Klöckner - Vertical Application Manager Industry DACH

Individual, personal, thorough: lighting consultation assistance by LEDVANCE

As one of the world’s leading light makers, we offer comprehensive knowledge about lighting technology. For nearly a century now, we have been using our expertise to offer a broad, up-to-date range of products. Our deep understanding of all lighting technologies and the multifaceted areas of application for them enables us to produce high-quality products and tailored solutions.

The products we offer you include:

  • Product presentations
  • A personal visit with a tour of your facility
  • Lighting consultation services
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • High energy savings
  • Long-life solutions with LED

Use of our comprehensive knowledge for the good of your company: Make an appointment for a non-binding meeting with one of LEDVANCE’s lighting experts in our offices.

Use OSRAM’s LED lamps and our new LEDVANCE LED luminaires to significantly reduce your energy consumption. You can save even more money by reducing your maintenance cycles.

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