Lighting in Healthcare

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing facilities, retirement homes and rehabilitation clinics have to focus more than ever today on the needs of their patients. Innovative OSRAM lighting solutions from LEDVANCE can significantly improve the performance and appearance of these facilities and position you as a first-class healthcare company.


Good light is irreplaceable. For physicians as treatments. For nursing personnel on the job. For old people for improved vision. For patients as therapy. For the restoration of the soul. For a balanced day-night rhythm. For a good frame of mind and hormones. Good light is vital to life.


Tailored for every area of application.


Well-chosen lighting solutions create an atmosphere that calms individuals and creates trust. This is the only way that light can have a salubrious effect.


Light in hospitals.


Hospitals place high demands on light. The right light must be available in every area of application – delivering the exact quality that is required and serving as a reliable, energy-efficient and low-maintenance solution.


Good light promotes healing


The requirements placed on lighting in hospitals are just as broad as these institutions’ missions are: The lighting in patients’ rooms should have a salubrious effect. The needs of physicians and nursing personnel in operating rooms, treatment areas and laboratories have to be taken into consideration. Attention also has to be given to optimal lighting in waiting rooms, outside areas and administrative offices. The parameters that apply to hospital lighting are always light quality, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and the perfect suitability for the particular lighting job.


Light in retirement and nursing homes


Safety and well-being


The highest lighting priorities of retirement homes, nursing facilities and rehabilitation clinics are safety and visibility. The emotional aspect of light is critical as well: Retirement homes are made more homey and comfortable by light. In rehabilitation clinics, the healing process is promoted by it.

Clear, glare-free light for safety, indirect lighting for a pleasant setting,

and colorful light sequences to create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

``Rising costs, new technologies and treatment methods, patients with increasing demands, an elderly population – doctors' offices and the operators of hospitals and nursing homes must face these challenges. After all, the right light can be a critically important competitive factor!``

Torsten Hegener - Vertical Application Manager Healthcare DACH & Business Development Manager VAM EU

Light is happiness


Positively controlling the inner clock

Thanks to light, we can see when it’s dark – that’s still the main function of artificial light today. But recent studies have shown that natural daylight also controls our inner clock and that light has a significant impact on our feeling of well-being. The state-of-the-art lighting systems of LEDVANCE draw on this effect and can help increase people’s concentration, performance and quality of life.


Light in doctors’ offices


Bright for diagnoses, dim for the soul


Light is much more than just brightness. Particularly in doctors’ offices, lighting has a broad range of requirements to meet and jobs to perform.


Two lighting aspects must be considered in particular for doctors’ offices: Optimal work lighting that assists physicians and office personnel and lighting that has a positive emotional effect on patients’ well-being.

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