From urban settings to modern specific-purpose lighting, there’s a greater focus on efficient and eco-friendly outdoor lighting than ever before. The technology transformation from analog to digital has already created countless opportunities for optimization in recent years. These new technical opportunities will also move outdoor lighting forward in the future and visibly change it.


The technology transformation in lighting


The technology transformation today is characterized by highly efficient, low-maintenance light source solutions and smart lighting management systems that use LED technology.


The challenges of outdoor lighting:


  • The requirements set by standards
  • Reliability
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Very good ecological balance
  • Lighting quality
  • Long service life
  • Sustainability
  • Low-maintenance requirements
``Safe, sustainable and attractive outdoor lighting is critically important to life in urban areas, serving both decorative and safety-related purposes. Efficient modernization should be uncomplicated and be done on the basis of needs.``

Business and Commerce Professional (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Michael Stats - Vertical Application Manager Outdoor & Transportation DACH

Your outdoor lighting experts


LEDVANCE has many years of outdoor-lighting experience. From the development of highly efficient OSRAM sodium-vapor lamp and halogen metal vapor lamps, we now also stand for high-potential lighting solutions in LED technology. You can rely on LEDVANCE to be your expert and experienced partner.


Our range of services for you:


  • Application-driven product recommendations
  • A comprehensive portfolio of products based on a large number of lamp technologies
  • Highly efficient, long-life discharge lamps with white and yellow light
  • LED retrofit solutions suitable for outdoor lighting
  • Efficient control gears for special outdoor requirements


Multiple varieties for individual optimization of outdoor lighting


  • OSRAM NAV discharge lamps with efficient electronic control gears
  • OSRAM HCI discharge lamps with efficient electronic control gears
  • OSRAM Parathom HQL LED retrofit lamps
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